Our logo Owasso is an Osage Indian word that means “End of the Trail” or “Turn Around”. This name was picked to illustrate our mission statement: “To provide America’s warriors with solutions designed to help with reintegration and reunification.” Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center strives to be a place of rest and refuge for America’s warriors and their families.

The mission of Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center is to provide assistance, guidance and camaraderie to veterans of all conflicts and wars to help them reintegrate back into society while reconnecting them with their families.

The Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center logo depicts the famous sculpture titled “The End of the Trail” on a sunset background in the shape of Chilton County, Alabama. The sunset is used to illustrate the end of the day, when we are called from our labors to a time of rest.

The lone Native American on horseback represents a journey that can only be undertaken by the individuals on that path. The horse is a symbol of strength and represents not only the strength of America’s warriors, but also the fact that even though we have to make our journey ourselves, we are never truly alone.




bankJob Skills

Providing veterans a way to convert their military job lingo into a civilian resume. Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center will be a place where veterans can learn new and useful skills to assist them in joining the work force.

homeHomeless Veteran Reintrigration

Assisting those who wish to get off the streets, get cleaned up and learn job skill. We assist the veteran by providing a place to sleep, food and clothing in exchange for their labors around the ranch.


Assistance applying for those much needed and well deserved benefits.


Veterans are used to community. They speak their own lingo and certainly have their own code. Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center strives to help those veterans by providing a safe place for them while being surrounded by like minded people.


Re-introducing the family after a deployment is often hard. Owasso Ranch and Retreat Center can help. Whether it is just a weekend get away with your spouse or a fishing trip with your children. We strongly encourage you to take time an get to know your family again.


Whether your are looking to complete your GED or are looking to return to college, we want to encourage you to do just that! We will have experienced professionals to assist with any applications and pretest to get you headed down the path you want to be on!